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   civil initiative
In work Pure, green russia one more national project
In work The reference to the secretary of public chamber
In work The duma, it is necessary to use possibilities of the internet for collective work on bills.
In work It is necessary to demand dissolutionand formation of new structure.
Has arrived in system To forbid sale sturgeon
Has arrived in system 80 % of the population of russia slavs, mass media ignore this fact.
In work In a current of month to develop and confirm on the government uniform on diagnostics of illnesses and to treatment of citizens of russia
   the offer - requirement
Has arrived in system To officials - salaries of state employees!!!
In work It is necessary for government of the russian federation to enter uniform standards to the internet to resources of the ministries and federal agencies.
In work The russia's accession to the world trade organization question should dare on a referendum!
In work It is necessary to stimulate migration in countryside
In work To medvedev. information support of national projects.
Has arrived in system Where your conscience zurab's mister?
In work The medicine in russia perishes
Has arrived in system To whom from the government it is possible to trust? or again "the social initiative"
In work Forum the russian federation is closed under the decision of council of public chamber of the russian federation, than the similar decision?
In work How to receive apartment if has put up money in "the social initiative"
In work Improvement of a demographic situation in kursk area
Has arrived in system Football and hockey it is profitable business that receives the budget from this business, and how many it is spent from the budget.
Has arrived in system Information system finance of russia
Has arrived in system Drugs
   report of information
In work The second national action "dry bottom"
Has arrived in system The power not the subject for worship
In work On site the russian federation is definitively removed a forum in section "direct speech". poll is thus spent.
Has arrived in system The public chamber, under the law is a representative body of citizens of russia.
Has arrived in system The deceit in crossroads
Has arrived in system The ethical code of the member of public chamber on moral basis
In work Is planned to close all child care centres and to deprive russia of future - experts -.

   information system the society the power it is possible to present as set virtual (internet) of offices, conferences in which work members of chamber, experts, citizens, representatives of structures of the power on each question, the initiative, the offer collectively participate.

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